Family owned and operated, licensed, fully insured and located in the heart of the Lehigh Valley, A.T. Hobel provides comprehensive and economical excavation and grading solutions for a wide variety of commercial and residential excavating projects. Michael Hobel, II provides the highest quality services from prep to clean-up at competitive prices, backed by experience and pride.

Site Development

A.T. Hobel offers site development services prior to breaking ground.

At the early stages of any project, our team can assist you with:

  • Site Selection and Analysis
  • Master Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Design and Engineering
  • Project Cost Estimating
  • Contract Documents
  • Zoning Assistance

Our comprehensive offerings allow our clients to understand their budgets and scope of work before construction begins. We can also perform timely financial and schedule reviews to ensure that projects complete on time and on budget.

We believe that effective site development is the foundation of a strong working relationship. Open lines of communication and a team based approach establish trust in the initial phase of each project. A strong relationship helps to ensure success throughout the life cycle of the project.


Concrete is a fundamental element of construction. From culverts, curbs and gutters, parking garages and beyond, few projects take shape without it. A.T. Hobel self-performs structural concrete work on a daily basis. With decades of experience, our company has built a solid reputation as a go-to contractor for exceptional concrete solutions.

A.T. Hobel understands the environmental microscope that the construction industry is under and we make sure that all precautions are taken to ensure a clean site with no work stoppages.

A.T. Hobel; self-performs excavation and buried pipe operations on the majority of projects we construct. These operations include large footprint excavations (some larger than football fields), as well as deep shaft excavations for concrete in ground structures.

Site Grading

Our grading capabilities include cut and fill, and we offer several types of clearing. We can cut and fill on-site, import or export material (haul dirt in or out), and prepare a site for your desired elevation. We can perform fine, finish and sub grades. We also will fine grade parking lots to prepare for asphalt and curb and gutter.

From mass excavations of large properties to complex situations in tighter environments, our fleet of equipment and teams of operators can handle any earth moving or excavating needs.

As you’d expect from any cutting edge excavation company, we make use of the latest in GPS grading technology to speed production and ensure accuracy. But our services don’t begin and end with the GPS. We employ highly skilled foremen and operators who don’t just “pull levers” and steer a computer-operated machine. Our staff knows earth moving and can provide a “common sense” approach to changing field conditions, ensuring a project that meets the owner’s conceptual idea. We can look at raw land and determine how to get from start to finish in the most cost-effective, efficient manner that will meet your needs.